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Casing Services

Clean and Drift

L.B. Services is proud to offer a line of clean and drift services to our customers with a truck built specifically for the job by our friends at Watson Hopper. Sporting the International brand with a 650 Duramax diesel engine and custom 12' flat bed. Our employees are well trained in all aspects of the clean and drift process and know the importance of working under a timeline both safely and without any harm to the equipment or environment. Trained to recognize the differences and damages in casing and tubing after transport from the yard to the field our employees are proven to spot any discrepencies. With a newly updated pipe tally program showing depths, individual joint lenghts, and BHA we come to make your operations run smoothly and efficiently. 

Casing Removal/Installation

L. B. Services is currently capable of removing casing up to 5 1/2" with installation services pending the purchase of all the neccessary equipment. This option for casing removal will save our customers on hiring an outside casing crew for pulling frac strings common in the North Dakota / Wyoming regions. It also allows us to improve many of our capabilities while doing jobs that lie outside the norm. 

casing tong truck
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