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Innovation and Improvements

every voice counts

L.B. Services Inc. has hired its people from all over the country to gather insights on the methods used in completion and workover across the United States. We pride ourselves on being open to new ideas and believe in the concept of working smarter not harder. We are not hampered by the ever present vougue of secrecy that permeates the oil and gas industry. Secrets are a thing of the past and we believe that if there is a safer and more productive way of accomplishing our goals then by all means please let us know. 

We will maintain a comments, questions, and concerns page on our forum to accept ideas and suggestions from anyone who has insight to share. We would love to hear from you whether you work in the oil and gas industry or just have a loved one working out in the patch. 

The Lights

With the help of our Friends at the Watson Hopper Manufactory we were able to put together a one of a kind LED Light package that requires no external powersource but the rig itself. Sporting over 100,000 lumens of intense (but not blinding) visual accuracy during our night time operations. We have the capability to work safely and effeciently under any circumstances, whether daytime or after dark.

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