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Workover Rig Services

Drillout and cleanout services

We have some of the best equipment on the market and personnel with experience to match. The logan 2.5 VTS 100 with 10k packing and 8000 ft. lbs of max tourque ensures consistent rotation all the way to bottom. (with proper applications of chemical of course.) We also have a 2019 Serva 1400 horsepower Rolls Royce MTU motor, quintuplex pump with 5x6 serva charge pump. This pump is capable of both high pressure and high volume rates. Our secondary pump is a 2019 OFM triplex with a 600 series Detroit diesel motor, 3 1/2" plungers capable of working pressures up to 8000 PSI with rates between quarter bpm or over 5 bpm at low PSI. 

Or rig is equiped with multiple height platform operators perch with its own independent raising/lowering system and independent linkages for each height. This makes for safe and clear line of sight to accomodate any BOP assembly. We work with snubbing rig assist units or from the rig floor working off the annular.

Production and Completion.

Production work is one of the most important processes for our customers. As one of the final steps before well completion we realize that completing a well on time and safely is extremely important. L.B. Services has the equipment and personnel to meet your goals. 

Standing Back
Before the new wind walls
Light it up!
2.5 Kelly handles it all no problem

Plug and Abandonment.

We realize that not all work in the oil and gas industry involves the production of oil and gas. The remedial work involved in plug and abandonment can be tedious and even repetitive at times. Our company recognizes the importance of Health, Safety, and Environmental impact. The P & A of non producing wells is required of all producers, L.B. Services is more than happy to help you meet these goals in a time sensitive manner with efficiency and safety standards required in everything we do. We realize that no well is truly "Dead" until each element of the casing is isolated, cemented, and negative tested to the standards accepted by Department of Environmental Protection Agency.


Fishing / Workover

Our Rigs are equipped to handle any job they get thrown into. With a 300k Derrick rig one is set up 6 line with a working load of 220k. Rig 2 is built with an 8 line setup capable of max pull 300K. Both rigs are Watson Hopper built and Certified for work by the manufacturers in Hobbs, New Mexico. Built with adjustable height rig floor and rig perch both reaching up to 24 foot working height we can accommodate any BOP setup. The rig floor and perch are built on a slider system which makes the rig up/down process extremely fast and simple. Each rig is equipped with multiple methods of fall protection using Sala Block SRL from the crown and tubing board. The tubing board is equipped with its own SRL and adjustable lanyard for the derrick hand. Wind Walls have been built and secured for winter on the rig floor, rig perch, and tubing board. The tubing board is built to handle up to 25,000 feet of 3 1/2 inch drill pipe for the toughest jobs. 

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